Sort of a rant!?

This isn’t something that you’ll see on here very much, but I have a couple “rants” to throw out! This IS a personal blog, I do write personal stuff on it, but that’s definitely NOT what I have the blog for!! I’d much rather talk about my kids, or products that I like, or DIY crafts that I work on, etc!!

With that being said, if you don’t mind the occasional rant, read on!

This has to do with a few people, not just 1! Each person will have their own section. 
Keep in mind these people are all on facebook. I don’t have them on my friends list, but I am connected with them through various groups I am in for blogging!

Person 1; 

First off, I have NO sisters – I do have a girl who I grew up with who lived across the road from me, who I am extremely close with and we talk about pretty much everything under the sun, who I have absolutely NO problem calling my sister!! There is one other person who I would consider my sister, though we have never “met” in person! That will change, once I bug RC enough about going to visit her!! It will happen!! That’s a promise! 

So when someone is constantly calling my daughter – NOT MY BOYS – ONLY my daughter, THEIR niece, I kind of take offense! I have removed said person from my life – for the most part! This is also someone I had never met! Just known via the website world & facebook. But what I don’t understand, we are not close. We do not talk all the time. We are not close. Why would you call MY daughter your niece? Only the 2 ladies mentioned above, my 3 brothers, my husbands sister & her husband, and my brothers wife are allowed to call my daughter their niece! As well as any of my aunts & uncles also! 

Person 2; 

One thing that I try to be extremely punctual about is spelling, grammar & the correct use of words! This person bothers me extremely bad because she just does not sound smart when she speaks! You all know that I crochet, and I sell my items. But this person would use SALE instead of SELL. It absolutely kills me to read her blog, because I want to comment on every little thing that I see wrong. She is NOT the only person who bothers me with this! There are several people who I actually KNOW in real life, who do this! It’s so hard for me not to correct them, but I really don’t want to seem like a grammar/spelling nazi! “Don’t fit no more” – Double negative. Translation; Do not fit no more. It should be “doesn’t fit anymore!”

Person 3; 

Is it necessary to complain about something EVERY.SINGLE.DAY? From anything to dinner to your hosting issues, to your job, to the people you live with!! Every single day – if it’s not one thing, it’s another! It gets really old to see their complaints in a group that is supposed to help you – NOT with personal issues either! 

You won’t see another rant from me for a while!! 


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  1. A rant does everyone the world of good sometimes :) person 1 sounds kinda creepy to be calling her, her niece. That would bug the hell out of me.
    Think I have an idea about person 3 or may just be coincidence that they sound similar ;) but yeah I completely agree with you.

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