Battle of the Bags Halloween Contest

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halloween contest promo image

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Halloween. I love Halloween! I love seeing how creative some people get with what they want to dress up as, or when they make their own costumes and bags, that’s awesome! My boys wanted me to make their costumes this year so we hit up Pinterest! My 3 kids are going to be crayons – if I can find sweat suits for them that are solid!  [Read more...]

Eclair Goes to Stella’s Book Tour & Giveaway!


Hi, I’m Éclair and I’m seven. My sister Meggie is two. When mom got sick we had to go live with Stella, my dad’s mom, the one with maroon colored hair. I begged Dad not to make us stay with her because she beat her horse and was going to eat her rooster, but he didn’t believe me. Even after I pretended I was going to barf, he left us with Stella.

So there we were, Meggie and me, on a strange pink farm with a skinny horse, a mean rooster, and Stinky Stella who had a living room filled with dead deer heads.

What would she do to us?

Would we end up on her wall too?

Book Reading Age

First – Third grade GIRLS. 5 – 9 year olds [Read more...]

Be safe with MACE® Brand – Just in case! #MACEmoms

Assortment of Products

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I have always been paranoid to be walking around our neighborhood alone with my kids. We have only lived here for a little over a year and I don’t know many people around our house. Most of the people, when I have tried talking to them, just look at me as an outsider. Never mind the fact that I am a woman, so I feel at a disadvantage! I am glad that I now can rely on MACE® Brand to help me protect myself and my kids, or at least deter any potential attackers.  [Read more...]

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway from Thingsfolio!

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Have you ever seen an ad or commercial for something and wondered if you should get it? Have you ever wanted to know if your friends or family would recommend it without having to call or email them? What if I told you that there was a FREE site where you can get product recommendations from people you know and trust? Well, there is… ThingsFolio offers a one-stop-shop where you can get all the information you need, all the while helping others with your own reviews and recommendations.

create a thingsfolioYou see, you and your friends can set up Folios filled with ratings and reviews of items you own. Then by checking out friends and families’ Folios you can research and learn about the products that interest you. [Read more...]

Find your movies with Funky Flick!


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I am a huge Movie and TV-aholic! Yes, I realize this is a fictional made up world (for the most part), but it’s entertainment! I enjoy just about all kinds of movies, however, I am not all that keen n watching ones with a lot of blood and gore in them. I don’t have a weak stomach, but that’s just not my cup of tea!

I will be honest and say that probably my favorite type of movie would have to be romantic comedy! I love Channing Tatum movies, There aren’t many Matthew McConaughey movies that I have not seen yet! He is my all time favorite actor, and of course, he is just so darn good looking! Adam Sandler is another of my favorites!  [Read more...]

Don’t break these things & you’ll be fine!

I am doing these Writing Prompts with Crossroads Media Hub again this month! Come on over & link yourself up if you participate!! The more participants – the merrier!

September 19; What are 5 things that you should never break?

I am superstitious, so a couple of these are going to be things that relate to that! There are a few things that you should never break, when it comes to my way of thinking, and here is my list! [Read more...]

Fantasy Friday; Gatlinburg

Every Friday, Crossroads Media Hub does a Fantasy Friday post, which just features a place that you might want to go! There is even a linky so you can go link up YOUR posts so we can all share where we want to go and check everyone else’s posts out!

Fantasy Friday

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a popular resort city, located on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along Route 441 and connects with Cherokee, North Carolina through the national park! As of the 2012 Census, the population of Gatlinburg, TN was 4047! [Read more...]

Library, Museum or Zoo; Which would you choose?

I am doing these Writing Prompts with Crossroads Media Hub again this month! Come on over & link yourself up if you participate!! The more participants – the merrier!

September 18;  If you were forced to spend the rest of your life in a library, a museum or a zoo, which would you choose & why?

This is such a no brainer question for me! Considering I have just opened a Book Review Blog, I think my answer is most definitely a Library! I think a library would be THE place to be! There wouldn’t be a shortage of books, I could read whenever I wanted! [Read more...]

Wrongly Accused…

I am doing these Writing Prompts with Crossroads Media Hub again this month! Come on over & link yourself up if you participate!! The more participants – the merrier!

September 17; Have you ever been accused of doing something that you actually didn’t do? What was that?

Oh absolutely! I mean, I’m sure everyone has been accused of some type of wrong doing in their life before, right? To say I haven’t, would be a lie!  [Read more...]

Fundraise with Little Passports

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