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Looking natural with True Love Natural

True Love Naturals Lavera Foundation

Disclosure; I received the product mentioned in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I’m almost positive I have mentioned before that I don’t wear make up often and when I do, I don’t really go all out. I will do foundation, some powder on top, eye shadow, and occasionally I will do eye liner and/or mascara. Honestly, I was never really taught how to do it, so I feel like when I do wear just about everything I have (including blush) I end up looking like a clown! True Love Naturals sent me some Lavera Liquid Foundation to review.  [Read more...]

My boys are Kings of the Mountain!

When I told Michael to stand there so I could get his picture, Rosalie just HAD to be in the picture with him! Can you tell he thought it was funny?

Disclosure; I received products mentioned in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

When I sent an email to reach out to The Ultimate Green Store about the possibility of reviewing one of their shirts, for each of my boys, I was really hoping I would get a positive email back! I love that The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of the finest environmentally friendly products for you, your home, office, kids & even pets! Of course, I let my boys choose what they might want to receive in order for me to review.  [Read more...]

Flash Giveaway; Coupon Envelope ends 9/16



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9/11; Never forget!

I am doing these Writing Prompts with Crossroads Media Hub again this month! Come on over & link yourself up if you participate!! The more participants – the merrier!

September 11; How vividly do you remember this day, 13 years ago? 

I remember it quite well! I was a junior in high school & I was in my computer class & we had the news on. We weren’t getting good reception, we never did with the part of the school building we were in. My teacher had us save our projects & log out of the computers & we went to the Junior High English class – simply because that was one of the smallest classes at that time, so there was extra room. I think my teacher rushed off to try to get in contact of some family who worked in the Twin Towers.  [Read more...]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Words of a SAHM Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Words of a SAHM Holiday Gift Guide 2014

This is the first year I will be doing a Holiday Gift Guide!  I am pretty excited!

I am now taking sponsors for my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a business or a home-based business, you might want to be involved!

You can find all the information you might need to sign up can be found by clicking HERE!

My House smells wonderful thanks to Pink Zebra!

Caramel Macchiato Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Disclosure; I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

I am a HUGE fan of things smelling good – Candles, Wax Melt Bars, Plug ins, Well, you get my drift, right? So when Alicia from Pink Zebra responded to my pitch about reviewing some of their sprinkles, I was super excited! I browsed her website to figure out what scent I wanted & there were a few that jumped out at me! I like Fruity, Manly, Coffee & Fresh (like Fresh Linen smells). So I was torn between Coffee Buzz, Fresh Raspberry, Just Peachy, Macho Man, Mom’s Lemon Bars, Paisley’s Punch, Sugar Cookie & Warm Apple Pie. I then went on & browsed the Recipe tab & I knew right away what I wanted! [Read more...]

Mmmm! S’mores!

I am doing these Writing Prompts with Crossroads Media Hub again this month! Come on over & link yourself up if you participate!! The more participants – the merrier!

September 10;  Today is National S’mores Day, so share your favorite S’more inspired recipe!

I’ll be honest & say I’m not really a HUGE fan of S’mores! Call me strange – but I’m not a huge fan of Marshmallows, Not the biggest fan of Chocolate either! Now I do LOVE me some graham crackers – but I tend to like them with just peanut butter OR cake icing!  [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday 9/10

Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

It doesn’t matter whether or not she’s been sad, she always pokes out that precious little lip!

Frugality Helps To Improve Lifestyle

Frugality is having a mindset in which you can determine to improve your lifestyle financially.Thousands of individuals are struggling with a conflict financially in some way or another. Constructing a new way of your lifestyle can benefit you, causing an increase in your account and a decrease in your bills. It can show you how to maximize your dollar, make use of the essentials you have, and transforming you as an individual. Being frugal is a positive outcome in your life that can only create success in your life.

Coupons can provide a big savings when purchasing food, clothing, etc. Who doesn’t like saving money and being able to buy more for less. Shopping online is another way you can gain more for your dollar. Being frugal you learn to be able to take control financially and keep track when it comes to the amount of money spent. For frugal living, get coupons from rebateszone. It simplifies your record keeping and not as much time tracking where your money went. When you’re in the stores you learn to become more aware of the deals and being able to calculate the amount of savings you can get on a product. It makes you feel happier and proud that you were able to save more money or even get products for free. [Read more...]